Clients work with us for different reasons. Some choose us for our investment knowledge that comes from years of experience and extensive education. Others appreciate our attentiveness to their needs whenever they arise. Here are a few examples of why clients trust us as their wealth management partner, and of the solutions we have developed for them.


 I am so appreciative of the work Karen, Kayla, and their team put into managing our investments and that of my team. Their comprehensive individual reviews made us feel confident and taken care of. Karen & Kayla are a quantum leap above others in the investment industry with everything they do and are doing. This is a big part of the reason why I was prompted to make my own personal move to their practice. Their dedication to their craft and their clients is inspiring.  

Frank B


 Karen and Kayla have been our trusted financial planners for many years. Their genuine concern for our family’s well-being, and kind, thoughtful, holistic approach to developing our financial plans is what impressed us most. We also love that they give back to the community in creative ways. We have recently retired. It was through their expertise in constructing a personalized financial plan we moved from saving for retirement to the next stage of our lives with the confidence knowing we were financially ready to retire. These plans not only included our investments but also our budget, insurance, tax strategies and future care of our family. We have two young granddaughters whom we love dearly. They provided us with a plan that includes Critical Illness and Whole Life Insurance for our granddaughters to ensure their well-being and as a way pass on our wealth in a tax efficient manner. We are grateful to have them as our financial planners and for the excellent counsel and professional advice we receive. 

Paul & Brenda D.


 It’s a pleasure working with Karen and Kayla. In our preparation for retirement, they were thorough and proactive in helping us with our plan. They are both excellent at keeping on top of market opportunities and making sure our future is secure. One of the things we appreciate most is their timely communication regarding management of our portfolio. 

Bob and Vicki H.


 We've been working with Karen and Kayla for a long time and we are proud to be their clients. They are always looking out for our interests and find many opportunities to help grow our money. And they do this with care and a great sense of humour. They are like family! 

Steven & Dawn H.


 Karen and Kayla have been fantastic to deal with. They care deeply about their clients and always provide sage advice and ensure our plan is on track and we are well informed. I have the upmost trust and respect for them and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for financial planning. 

Marianne & Brad D.


 We are so happy we moved everything over to IG Wealth Management. All of our important documentation is now in one portfolio; which include investments, insurance and even our Wills. A trusted team who is stays in touch and is always a phone call away when needed. Wish we would have consolidated all of our matters over to Karen, Kayla and the team sooner.  

Rick & Kathy M.


 I have peace of mind when it comes to my savings and retirement planning. I also have investment advisors who call me to keep me up to date and are always available to answer my questions. Thank-you Karen and Kayla for such great service. 

Richard M.


  I initially heard Karen & Kayla speak a few times at the Parkinson Senior Centre in 2016 & 2017; I was sufficiently impressed that my wife and I decided to speak with them about our investment portfolio, which at that time was overseen by a Financial Planner at a large bank. We appreciated Karen & Kayla’s free analysis of our then financial situation and the strategic planning, or lack thereof; further, we were further impressed, by their revised strategy which would allow us to have sufficient funds on hand for the rest of our lives. As a result, we decided to transfer the bulk of our investment assets to Karen & Kayla in mid 2017.

Since then we have been very pleased with their oversight of our investment portfolio, which now is managed with a sufficiently positive return such that (a) we can withdraw an adequate amount of annual funds to live on monthly in our retirement; (b) includes a reasonable provision for annual travel and holidays; and (c) yet have the principal remain relatively stable, which before 2017 had been in a steady decline. Finally, on a personal note, we have found both Karen & Kayla very pleasant to deal with; always nice and considerate, especially perhaps to my spouse who is a shyer, more ‘conservative’ investor.

To end, thanks Karen & Kayla. You are both a pleasure to deal with and have brought clarity, stability and wise counsel to our ongoing investment management. 

Reg & Pat O.


 Kayla & Karen have a way of turning investment concepts that are over my head into something I can understand and they always take the time to make sure I'm informed and feel comfortable. Their expertise and amazing customer service are invaluable!”  

Jonelle. A


 My experience at IG Wealth Management and my financial advisors Karen Erickson & Kayla Caruana, is of the utmost importance! Their service, understanding of a client's needs, caring about a client, personal attention to details, professionalism, their knowledge of investments and trust, has made my experience at IG Wealth Management, one the most valuable life experiences! 

Gaetane. D